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Specialist cables and assemblies
Flexible manufacturing,
from small bespoke assemblies,
to large volume mass production.
In house design facility
Specialist flat conductor cables and assemblies
Rigorous QA maintained at
every manufacturing stage
Capable of supporting
just-in-time manufacturing
Machined quality and consistency

Kabel Electro is a UK based contract electronics manufacturer, producing a wide range of high quality cable assemblies.

Our range of products spans from cut lengths of cable, through to complex looms and wire harnesses. All our products are produced at the highest quality, permitting just-in-time and ship-to-stock solutions.

Both turnkey and bespoke solutions are available to suit your needs, and our in house electronics design service is capable of producing designs to your specifications.

We provide both low volume batch runs with fast turn arounds, and large volumes at competitive prices. This allows us to service the needs of a full spectrum of clients from small start up companies to global OEMs.

Call or email us to discuss your design specifications, or to enquire about the full range of products we offer.

  • Discrete wire preparation
  • Crimped cable assemblies
  • Ring / Terminal assemblies
  • Complex cable looms and harnesses
  • Data telecom
  • Mains assemblies
  • RF / Coaxial assemblies
  • IDC assemblies
  • D-Type assemblies
  • Moulded assemblies
  • USB assemblies
  • Audio leads
  • Extruded ribbon cable
  • Laminated ribbon cable
  • Bonded ribbon cable
  • Custom bonded ribbon cable
  • Flat conductor
  • Multicore cables
  • High voltage cables
  • Braided / Shielded cables
  • Heavy duty cables
  • Fibre-optic cable
  • Custom cables